My First Week with the iPhone

My First Week with the iPhone

You Tube. Anywhere.

That summarizes everything that’s great about the iPhone.

No downloadable Dashboard widgets to my brick.

That summarizes everything that’s bad about the iPhone.

Apple has done an incredible job creating a hand held internet appliance. Actually, it is more than that. It is an enchanted, happy, happy machine. I love to look at it. Ooo over it. What’s the iPhone doing now? Ooo, look at that. I’m on BART checking my email. Oh, I need directions. Hmmm, I wonder if I could Google that. The iPhone responds to nearly every information gathering whim I might have.


When I first got my cat last Winter, I followed him around where ever he went. “Hey, honey the cat just farted, isn’t that cute?” I was enchanted with every little action my cat took. After two months of being in a rescue shelter, he basked in the affection. Eight months later, “The cat made a stinky! Phew!” At least the cat was relieved to not have a stalker 10 times his weight following him around.

While I’m quickly on the way to stressing out my left wrist from holding the iPhone, I think this love relationship will eventually cool off. New gadget enchantment is fleeting. Eventually, I recognize the iPhone’s stinkys for what they are. However, I think this incredible excitement about having the internet anywhere will last for some time. The iPhone quite literally provides me with a tool I have wanted for years.

The downside to being able to view web pages at a reasonable resolution and photos at 2 1/4″ by 3″ size is that it feels like I’ve glued a VHS tape to my belt. The iPhone is considerably smaller than a VHS tape. So why does it feel so bulky on my waist? It is literally twice as large as my cell phone. This fact makes getting in and out of the car a little awkward as I have habitually carried my cellphone on my waist. Hmmm. I may have to rethink that strategy.

I frequently use BART–the San Francisco Bay Area’s commuter train–to get to work. There’s this fabulous Dashboard widget for my Macintosh that allows me to know when the train is coming so that I can calculate when I need to leave to catch my train. Not only does it not work on the iPhone, there is no way to download it to the iPhone–at least not yet. It drives me crazy to have to go to the BART web site and click, zoom in, reposition, zoom in, zoom out, reposition. Since Dashboard widgets are based on HTML, it should be a no brainer to include them in the iPhone. After all, they don’t present a security risk to the iPhone any more than any standard web page.

Hmm, I wonder what this blog entry would look like on my iPhone. Ooo, look at that.

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