Mac Crash? Kill the Cache!

Mac Crash? Kill the Cache!

A quick fix for what ails your mac

If you see strange behavior from you Mac, deleting various cache files in the Library/Caches folder in your home directory may be all you need to do to get back to running smoothly again. Even Apple makes this process key in general troubleshooting support.

Cache files are files that hold copies of recently accessed data. The system references these files continuously because it is told to do so in order to speed up your computing experience. But since these reference files are constantly in flux, they are vulnerable to becoming corrupt. If this happens, the system just keeps on using it, with no sense of whether the data in the file is viable or not.

If you don’t feel comfortable manually deleting files in your system, there are several third-party utilities that are aimed at helping you manage these cache files with little more than a click of the mouse. They even go so far as to offer options of 

deleting subsets of your cache files, such as font caches, which are particularly notorious for causing problems since fonts come from so many sources. This is true even after system restarts, since fonts are available to every process while the machine is on.

Cocktail and Leopard Cache Cleaner are two trusted third-party utilities that will help you manage and remove these cache files. Be sure to use the version of the utilities developed specifically for the system you’re running. I have recently starting using Main Menu for these tasks.

If you’re Mac is exhibiting inexplicable or aberrant behavior, the fix may be as simple as deleting your cache files; it’s easy to do, and you won’t lose or damage data as these cache files are freshly recreated by the system as soon as the system sees that they are needed. If anything, deleting caches should always be in your repertoire of things to try when troubleshooting your Mac.

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