Monthly Maintenance for your Home Mac

Monthly Maintenance for your Home Mac

So you just got a new Mac, congrats! What’s that you say, its you’re very first one?? Welcome to the light side of the force! There’s lots you can do to get started.

Check out my blog entry on How to Pimp Your Mac for some great free must-have applications.

Once you’ve got everything installed and set up, here’s your prescription to keep your home Mac a happy Mac.

Software Updates:
Once every month, click the little Apple in the top right and choose Software Update. Give it your password and install all the updates you find.

Once every month, run OnyX’s maintenance scripts.
(Download for free from Titanium Software, make sure you get the right version for your OS)
Install it in to your Applications folder.

  1. Reboot
  2. Quit out of all open applications
  3. Launch OnyX
  4. Let it check your hard drive’s status
  5. let it check your system folder (if it finds corruption of the startup volume, boot from the disc your Mac came with and run Disk Utility repairs.)
  6. Type your password when it prompts you
  7. Choose Automation
  8. Select all the check boxes except “Rebuild: Display of folder content”
  9. click Execute.
  10. When it’s all done, reboot again.
  11. Smile at your happy Mac.