How to Safely Install iPhone Updates

How to Safely Install iPhone Updates

I’m restoring my iPhone right now. Again. I bricked it while trying to install the 2.2 software update. The worst part is, I know the correct way to install updates! I just always forget or I’m too lazy to bother. And now I’m paying for my mistake, restoring my iPhone. 5 minutes of prevention would have saved me an hour’s work. You can learn from my mistakes.

You see, I bought one of the very first iPhones when they came out on June 29th 2007. I was there standing in line. It was fun, and I still think it’s worth the 5 hour wait and $600 that I invested. My point is, I have been through a LOT of software updates since that first day. I’ve learned that there’s a right way to do them, and a wrong way. Failure to follow some simple safety precautions has sent my iPhone into Recovery Mode more times than I’d care to admit.

After that you have to hassle with restoring your phone, reactivating it, and loading all your stuff back on again.
So without further ado, ArcSource proudly presents:

7 Easy Steps to Safe iPhone Software Updates

  1. After Apple releases a software update, always wait 48 hours before installing it. That way, if there’s anything massively wrong, Apple will have an opportunity to recall the update or patch it.
  2. Before starting, check for any available software updates. Install them.
  4. Connect your iPhone to your computer and move it to a nice flat level surface at the back of your desk. Somewhere it won’t be jostled. The idea here is that disconnecting your phone halfway through an update is bad.
  5. Take a couple slow deep breaths.
  6. Run the updater
  7. Leave it alone while the updater downloads and runs. Just get up and walk away. Don’t even use your computer. Go make yourself a nice cup of tea. Come back when it’s all done.

That’s it. Seems simple enough, and yet here I am again trying to restore my iPhone. Next time I won’t be so lazy.