PlainText + DropBox = Pure Love

PlainText + DropBox = Pure Love

I signed up for a DropBox account so long ago that any sign of it drifted into the land of forgotten and uninstalled software. I didn’t see a use for DropBox. There are so many file sharing options one more didn’t seem particularly appealing.

I got suckered into a MobileMe account back in the days when it was called iTools and ran on Mac OS 9 for free. When I compared the 20 GB of online storage through MobileMe’s iDisk to the paltry 2 GB through DropBox, I shrugged my shoulders and uninstalled it.

Then the iPad changed the game. I wanted to write text, update it, share it, and back it up without having to think about it. While Pages provides some basic import and export functionality through my iDisk, it is a cumbersome and tedious task. What I really need is file synching so that I have my documents everywhere that I have a connection to the internet.

I scrounged around on Google and the iTunes store for a solution. I found out that some applications support DropBox and, in particular, I found that a plain text editor called PlainText supported it. So I gave it a whirl.

I can write service reports, notes, and blog articles on my iPad while at an office, a coffee shop or on BART. When I come home, The document is already on my desktop computer. The document is updated, backed up and ready for me to use.

DropBox works the way I always expected iDisk to work. Unfortunately, the MobileMe iDisk lacks support from app developers and feels like a has been.

I’m still using my iDisk since I rely on MobileMe for email, sync services, and website hosting. The iDisk shines when I need a lot of space. So I put big stuff there that doesn’t need to move very often like videos and photos of my kids. Also, since the iWork apps support iDisk, I use it when I absolutely need a Keynote or Numbers file.

DropBox shines for every day work

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where I mostly use plain text documents to record, report and analyze. And that’s where the love is.

DropBox Pricing
2 GB = Free
50 GB = $120 a year (or $9.99 a month)
100 GB = $240 a year (or $19.99 a month)

MobileMe (also includes email, web hosting, and iOS syncing)
20 GB = $99 a year
40 GB = $150 a year
60 GB =$200 a year

When Joshua Wait isn’t teaching himself new programming languages or computer tricks, he’s hiking, swimming, cooking and playing outdoors with his family.