MacWorld | iWorld 2012 Musings

MacWorld | iWorld 2012 Musings

If you missed it this year, you didn’t miss much. Again. Oh, but there was a pretty cool trampoline. But I couldn’t tell you what company it belonged to. :-/

MacWorld today is a shadow of its former glory, wherein both the entire North and South Hall of Mascone Center were utilized; and along with Apple, all of the “biggie” software and hardware vendors had showings: Adobe, Microsoft, Macromedia (remember them?), NEC, HP and Epson to name a few. I recall one year hardly having time to see the booths because we were running around every 10 or 15 minutes to make it to big drawings. I won pretty much nothing. But I had a blast winning nothing.

Beginning MacWorld 2010, Apple decided that it got enough media attention and direct customer interaction by way of its Apple Stores. If you’ve ever been to one, you really can’t blame them for not needing to spend the money. So the companies that relied on the Apple platform to sell their wares had to decide what they wanted to do. Some stayed loyal and returned, but more left. This year was no different.

Last year seemed to be a big iCase symposium, where every other booth had a company selling either an iPhone or an iPad case, or both.

And despite the fact that most of those same companies returned for MacWorld | iWorld 2012, more companies had a showing. There really seemed to be more focus on the iOS than on the Mac OS platform. Thus the change in name.

I’m not sure what the future holds for this convention. I’ll likely be returning if they have it agin, but only because my field is interested in all things Apple, be it Macintosh or iOS products. It’s amazing that this year at CES, Apple was the giant invisible elephant in the room. And its elephantine shadow was here in San Francisco.

In any case, I did pick up a couple of cases for both the iPhone and iPad I own. Which wasn’t a difficult endeavor, since the I counted 27 iOS device case booths. I’m sure next year, there’ll be plenty more to upgrade to.