Technology Assessments

The ArcSource Way takes a proactive approach to assessing the changing conditions of the modern office environment in order to reach our core goals of efficiency, stability and scalability. We structure our assessment services so
that we can inquire, observe and reflect on the way you work and the tools you use. At the end of an assessment, we create a set of recommendations, an action plan, and the staff to deliver improvements.

Network IconNetwork Assessment

Each new client relationship begins with an ArcSource Network Assessment. The minimal fee associated with this service reaps benefits for years to come as we improve performance and efficiency of your essential systems.

Using automated tools, our technicians collect hardware and software profiles from each workstation in your office. We’ll determine your network structure and document it thoroughly. Our staff identify bottlenecks, security risks and problems. We’ll meet with managers and key staff at your office to listen to what you have to say.

After hearing about your key concerns and frustrations, we investigate your server, your backup and user management system. We present our results and recommendations in a meeting with you so that we can listen to your priorities for improvements, upgrades and future projects.
Calendar IconAnnual Assessment

Each year in January, the ArcSource Lead Consultant responsible for your account will give you a set of recommendations ranging from workstation software to server upgrades as well as printing and plotting technologies you need to know about.
Backup IconBackup Assessment

ArcSource offers a comprehensive backup system assessment to evaluate your current backup processes and recommend automated systems that work. Since your set of data constantly changes in both quantity and type, we design backup solutions that cover all the bases, meet your current needs and anticipate future changes.
We know the key questions to ask about every aspect of backup, archiving and budget to determine where you are and help you move to where you want to go.
  • Assess current data capacity
  • Monitor ongoing data growth
  • Determine data archive potential to reduce data set
  • Compile historical backup logs
  • Recommend on-site vs. off-site backup strategies
  • Assess viability of automated “cloud” backup
  • Discover possible data-set reduction by removing obsolete files

Security IconSecurity Assessment

The ArcSource Security Assessment addresses all the layers of your network security including workstations, servers, remote workers, mobile devices, email services, and Internet connectivity.

We look for holes and weak links in some of the most unexpected places. And we provide recommendations for improvements and simplifications appropriate to your firm’s size, type and budget.